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    Purpleno as an established Internet marketing company offers you tailor made SEO services that aids your site to achieve high search engine ranking. We can help promote your product or service by providing unique online branding solutions and social media marketing.

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Purpleno is a frontline SEO Company in Kolkata that provides a plethora of SEO Services.

SEO is all about creating an error free website and positioning your website for search engines. We make sure that all major search engine including Google and Bing, indexes your website properly. Then, we start our offpage jobs, by using Quality content, High PR links, etc. Scroll down to see Seo Services in detail.

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Key Features
Keywords Optimization 5 10 7 10 15
On Page Optimization YES YES YES YES YES
Keyword Research YES YES YES YES YES
Website Analysis YES YES YES YES YES
META Tags Optimization YES YES YES YES YES
Content Optimization YES YES YES YES YES
Image Optimization YES YES YES YES YES
Sitemap Creation YES YES YES YES YES
Robot.txt Creation YES YES YES YES YES
Off Page Optimization YES YES YES YES YES
Search Engine Submissions YES YES YES YES YES
Blogs Writing 4 8 16 32 50+
Blog Posting Links 8 16 32 64 100+
Press Release Writing 2 4 8 16 22+
Press Back-Links 10 20 40 80 150+
One Way Links 10 20 40 80 120+
Guest Blogging Links 2 4 8 16 30+
Social Book Marking 50 100 200 400 1000+
Social Sharing YES YES YES YES YES
Optimization Local Optimization $249 Worth PR Distribution $249 Worth PR Distribution $500 Worth PR Distribution $800 Worth PR Distribution
Google Business Page YES YES YES YES YES
Google + Local Page Creation & Optimization YES YES YES YES YES
Social Media 8 12 16 20 30+
Dailymotion Account Setup NO NO YES YES YES
Video/Infographic Submissions NO NO YES* YES* YES*
Social Banner Creation NO NO NO NO YES
Google 1st Page Gurantee NO NO NO YES YES
Google Add Campaigns NO NO NO NO YES*
Network Add Campaigns NO NO NO NO YES
eMail Campaigns NO NO NO NO YES*
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SEO | Search Engine Optimization

In these days of stiff competition in the web-oriented business realm, you need to have a website or portal that can adequately meet your online marketing and business needs. In other words, you should have a website that is search engine optimized. To be more specific, your website should be designed in the appropriate manner and also have relevant content that helps it to get a good rank when search engines like Google, Yahoo or Hotmail conduct exercises for their SERPs (search engine ranking pages). The higher your website is ranked, the more traffic it’ll attract which in essence means that you’ll get unlimited opportunities for converting potential leads into clients

SMM| Social Media Marketing

If one is looking to increase the sales of his product/service in the online world, then one can make good use of the Social media marketing sites. The principal benefit of marketing your offerings through automated social media portals is that you can create niche communities by making them interested in your products via engrossing procedures. We at Purpleno have been delivering and continue to canvass products and services of different organizations using surefire Facebook marketing techniques. We also offer tailor-made product branding solutions that can go a long way in increasing the revenues from your online business.

Online Marketing | Product Branding

Purpleno is a well-known online marketing company that extends full-fledged SEO services that can be orientated around your specific requirements. We as a SEO company in Kolkata provide you with the perfect SEO solutions that can help you website secure a good rank when search engines go for indexing their pages. These days, just having a website is not enough to attract traffic that is imperative for developing your business. You’d need to have a portal that is not only visually appealing but has SEO optimized content that’ll keep the users hooked onto your site.

Facebook | Social Marketing

We can help take your Facebook marketing to dizzy heights by taking advantage of the following strategies:-
Encourage visitors to instantly ‘Like You’ on your Facebook profile
Write blogs and articles that aptly delineates your product or service
Keep updating your blogs with fresh content periodically so that visitors keep coming back to your site
Since Facebook marketing is mostly about images, we’ll help push your products by uploading the right pictures that tells the whole story about the same

Manual Submission | Standardized SEO Techniques

IThere are numerous SEO strategies we resort to make sure that your site is able to get an enviable SEO rank. The SEO services that we provide includes:-
Appropriate page titles, keywords, content and H1 tags
Distinction of content (HTML) from styling (CSS) and behavior (JavaScript)
URLs that are indexed and user friendly
Providing a sitemap XML file and robots.txt file so that search engines can scan conveniently
Installation of Google Webmaster Tools and data interpretation

Branding| Social Marketing

We use the following social media marketing techniques to help promote your brand:-
Create brand awareness through SEO optimization
Design and develop a website that can appeal to a majority of the online communities
Furnish the appropriate e-commerce development tools in accordance with your site
Develop the perfect CMS (content management system) for your portal
Drive more traffic to your site through webinars, podcasts, free consultations and seminars.

Load Speed | Quick Page Load Speed Techniques

Amongst the numerous SEO services that Purpleno advances, one of the most vital ones is page load speed strategies. Some of the page load speed techniques that we furnish are:-
1. Deferred loading of JavaScript
2. Limiting file requests from server
3. Image optimization and CSS scripts
There are some external SEO factors that site proprietors should be aware of that’ll go a long way in improving your portal’s search engine rankings. These amongst other things include receiving links from other sites, letting users to connect to your profile on Facebook or Twitter, and so on. Purpleno as an established Internet marketing company offers you tailor made SEO services that aids your site to achieve a high enough search engineranking.

Product Marketing| Spreading product knowledge

Irrespective of the product or service you’re intending to promote on different automated social networking portals, you’ll need to exploit the appropriate social media marketing techniques. Effective Product branding on the net is very crucial if you want your product to stand apart from the crowd and distinguish it from your competitors’ brands. We help with your product branding by:-
1. Augment online shopping experienced via creative website template focusing on product display and description and navigation
2. Help in choosing a unique domain name
3. An attractive and appealing logo that has a recall value
We at Purpleno have helped e-commerce website owners attain their business ends by developing personalized social media marketing strategies for them.