Our motto is maintaining privacy at PURPLENO, INC.  All products and services that are provided by us are covered by our Privacy Policy.

Collecting Information

Whenever you register with us we collect information or while you use our services and products or visit our partner’s web pages. At PURPLE, INC, if required your information that we have in our databases, our partner’s site or in any other company is combined for improving our service quality and providing you best experience. The moment you sign in for taking our services, you are a part of our system and all your information from your pc and browser is noted and recorded including your IP address. We use cookies to collect information about your hardware and software, the surfing habits and all other browser activity.

At the beginning, while you take our services, a small file with some array of characters attached in it is sent to your device as cookies so that it can identify your browser uniquely. The cookies used by us are for improving our service quality, storing your preferences, noting your using trends so that your experience can be bettered time and again. As per our requirement we may attach multiple cookies in your browser at the time of surfing our or our partners websites for some services. If you are sending emails, messages, post materials or publish any content taking our services, some data of those transmission may be retained by us for our service improvements and processing your enquiries and giving a reply to them. With servers located at multiple datacenters we have a wide network of infrastructure. As we or our partners own these servers and operate them therefore all information that are collected stays in our network servers only and privacy is not breached.

Using information

We at PURPLENO, INC analyze and use some of your personal information within the ambit of our Privacy Policy described here and in addition to some purposes as mentioned below:

  • For having a communication with you
  • To make services and sites easier for your use avoiding inputting the same information repeatedly by prompting the same.
  • To cater our services.
  • Researching, Auditing and analyzing your usage for maintaining, protecting and improving our services that we provide.
  • To have a smooth technical operation of our networks.
  • Giving protection to our as well as users rights and property.
  • Creating new ideas and services.
  • All the terms and conditions laid down in our terms of service in our Customer Master Agreement.

No Spamming

Our spam policy is very strict and we follow No-Spam Policy and neither sell nor share any information with third parties.

Choice of personal information sharing

The moment you signup to take any registered service by us; some personal details are asked that are to be provided by you. However, in case of using this information for the purposes other than defined herein according to the terms of services, we mandatorily ask for your consent before using.  Almost all browsers are set up to accept cookies primarily but you can reset the browser, refuse to accept or set your time to send the cookies, though with this you shall have limited access to our services. If you regret to give your personal details to any services, we will be unable to provide the same to you.

Sharing Information

We do not share our client information with anyone outside of the organization.
Our employees are allowed to access the information if and when service is required by the client.

Security Information

Appropriate security measures are taken by us for giving protection against alteration and access that are not authorized, disclosing and destructing data stored by us. Our internal reviews, storage and analyzing practices or the security measures, be it physical or virtual is included too.

Our employees are not allowed to access personal information. Neither our agents nor the contractors, needing them for successful operation and service is readily allowed. They are tied by obligations of confidentiality and in case of any breaches, disciplinary action including termination of service and criminal prosecution may be taken as per law.

Accessing and Updating your Personal Information

While using our services you are allowed to access and update your personal information at any time, so that correction can be made and accurate data is provided..

Changes to the terms of Privacy and policy

The Privacy and Policy may change from time to time as deemed fit by us.