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Customized website and eCommerce store development to showcase your business and help it grow. A website that in a friendly and express your business will help you grow quickly.

Do you wish to have a Website Designing Service that is nice & promises new business?

Innovative Website Designing Services that Converts into Money Site

Website design is a judicious blend of a variety of artistic and scientific skills. At Purpleno we’re engaged in creating websites that not only fits in with your day-to-day business needs but also helps you to get the most out of your portal. We see to it that your website is designed in a manner that is not only visually appealing, but encapsulates your short-term and long-term business objectives. We go out of the way to pay heed to your specifications and thereafter develop the portal in accordance with your plan.

Purpleno is a Frontline Website Designing Company in Kolkata that has been furnishing cutting-edge Website development services for the last seven years. Being based in Kolkata, the firm has been at the vanguard in catering to the individual needs of a wide cross-section of clients based in different countries and hailing from different commercial and industrial segments. We at Purpleno furnish you with an extensive range of online-oriented services including but not limited to web page development solutions like logo designing, templates for forums and blogs, customized PHP programming, shopping cart development, e-commerce portal development, and job-site designing.

As a Web Company, we excel in providing Website development and internet marketing services like link building, PPC, social media marketing, search engine optimization and search engine marketing. We have a very well-knit and highly professional team of Website designers that can cater to the customized needs of a broad range of customers. Once you entrust your website design and development services with us, you can be assured that we’ll complete the assignment thoroughly on our own instead of outsourcing the same to a third party.

Owing to the stellar online services we have been providing to all our past and present clientele, we’ve been able to carve our niche as a website designing organization. Once you make us your web development associate, you enjoy certain unique advantages. For instance, you get a cornucopia of services at rates that are unbeatable. Over the years, we’ amassed extensive wisdom over the almost entire range of advanced software, garnered experience in development platforms, that have earned us industry-wide acclaim.

Our bespoke web design and web development services are subscribed to by individuals and organizations not only in India but from several countries around the world including USA, UK, Germany, Italy, and France and so on. Some of the key aspects that are taken into consideration while developing and designing a portal that is avant-garde in every respect are as follows:-

  1. Visually appealing and attractive that instantly arrests the attention of the visitor
  2. Extremely user-friendly when it comes to navigating from one section to another or from one page to another
  3. Search Engine Optimization and Web 2.0 Compliance
  4. Industry-oriented to correspond to your daily business needs

Additionally, we furnish web development services for corporate, individuals and SMEs.

Commercial / Corporate Website Designing

Your website is an extension of your commercial identity and is a virtual representation of your business and services. A vast majority of online visitors and users go through e-commerce websites. Furthermore, nearly 85% of such visitors meticulously scan the company profile or background before taking the ultimate decision of giving an order of the firm’s products or services. Businessmen and commercial organizations are increasingly realizing that having an online presence is imperative for generating business from the Internet. Till date, we’ve created over 4600 websites for corporate establishments, entrepreneurs, and individuals who’ve vouchsafed about the superiority of the portals.

Circumfluent. Beautiful. EyePopping

Web sites that will look not only sharp, but also equally beautiful. Occupying every bit of your screen real estate the website will fit every type of device, be it a desktop, a tablet or a Smartphone.

Limitless layouts for header

Uncountable customizable options with six basic header layouts each with own setting:

    • Inline (menu appearing on the Logos right side)
    • Classic (menu appearing below the logo; “centered” option for layout available)
    • Split-header (logo centrally placed in the menu on the sides
    • Side (Header vertically present on the side of the page)
    • “Navigation on click” with the header at the sides (after I click on the menu the site header is revealed)
    • “Navigation on click” navigation as an overlay (after a click on menu modern overlay navigation is revealed)

Pages could also be made to stand out by making them transparent, overlapping and slideshow under header option.

Mobile Headers

Choose from four mobile header layouts: ability to customize different header for tablets and Smartphones.

Premium Sliders

Different sliders like Photo scroll, Layer slider, Porthole Slider and Slider Revolution comes bundled.

Fancy Titles

With this feature, you get an option to add an image to the background, breadcrumbs, and title to a page in each post/ project, that too individually.

Sidebar and Footer

With this option, you can customize your sidebars and footers appearance. You can also set exclusive sidebar/ Footer to each post, project, gallery, album, etc. just the way you like.

Theme options & tools
Theme elements
Visual theme options page builder

All your website designing related Question and answered

1. What is CMS Website?

The content management system allows you to manage the contents of a website. It doesn’t need to implement those tough codes to change any layout. We develop CMS websites for different industries at an affordable price.

2. What is a responsive website?

When you have a responsive website, then it can be opened on any device. By developing a responsive website from us, you can make your Website more user-friendly. We develop websites that support all current devices.

3. How to design a Word Press website?

To design a WordPress site, you must reach out to an expert. Our team is specialized in WordPress, We could develop a website as per your business requirements.

4. How can I find the best Web Design company?

Why find, when you have reached us, We have experience of over ten years, our team is dedicated, well trained, and committed to provide quality services at a reasonable cost.

5. How to get a business website for my products?

To develop a business website, first, you must call or email us with your requirements. Our expert will assist you with the requirements, we will help you to choose the latest platform and customize it accordingly.

6. How can a website help my Business?

A website is a must to grow your business to showcase your product or services. By developing a website from us, you can reach to your target audience and make your business open 24 x 7.

7. Dedicated developer available to help?

Our dedicated developers and support team is available on call and by email. The team will help you throughout the process of managing /updating your website. You can contact us anytime.