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Do you wish to have an eCommerce Website that is developed well & increases business?

Irrespective of whether you’ve an e-commerce portal inventorying apparels or electronic goods and are looking forward to augment your revenues via your website then we as a front-line Web design company Kolkata can provide the professional backup. We guarantee you expert E-commerce services involving top-of-the-line e-commerce design and result-oriented marketing techniques that can go a long way in helping you to amass more online business.

With us, you’ll get:-

  1. State-of-the-art technology
  2. Specialized E-commerce services that makes your portal a money-spinning one
  3. Services that aid in maximizing traffic to your website leading to phenomenal business growth

If you want a website that is customized for your business and clients, can be easily tracked by niche prospects, generates potential leads, then you can entrust your E-commerce development services to us in Kolkata.

  1. An established track record of deploying the most advanced strategy that’ll help you to achieve favorable outcomes resulting in increased sales revenue
  2. Websites created by us are perfect for converting potential leads into clients
  3. We’ll throughout furnish custom e-commerce development and updating facilities that’ll help you to increase your profits
  4. We’ve an extensive experience in advancing the a bouquet of E-commerce development solutions including SEO, CRO, and PPC that’ll go a long way in promoting your products to your target audience
  5. We provide you with custom e-commerce development services according to your needs and preferences

Purpleno as a leading Web design company, use the ensuing technological applications as part of its E-commerce services:-

ECommerce development via PHP/MSSQL We advance an extensive range of e-commerce services that’ll surely fulfill most of your online business needs. We have an off-the-counter online vending solutions that can be personalized according to your particular requirements. More often than not, your specific needs might be too subtle or sophisticated that cannot be met through standardized solution. Under such circumstances, we’ll create a tailor made e-commerce solution from scratch. We provide bespoke PHP/MySQL e-commerce solutions keeping you in mind.

Custom e-commerce development solutions through ASP.NET/MSSQL

We specialize in creating viable, cost-efficient e-commerce solutions harnessing ASP.NET/MSSQL. Purpleno, a front-line Web design company takes pride in its team of seasoned ASP.NET/MYSSQL programmers who’ve the competency of developing custom-made projects catering to your requirements at modest rates.

Flash E-commerce using AS 2.0 & 3.0

In case you decide to add life to your online products by making them more engaging, the superlative way of doing it would be by imparting ‘Flash Module’ to your e-commerce portal. The Flash application endorses almost all the progressive e-commerce functionalities you might require.

Apart from the above E-commerce services, we also specialize in extending Magneto and WordPress solutions.

We deploy across-the-board online vending solutions to proprietors and administrators of e-commerce portals:-

  1. Pinnacle Cart
  2. OsCommerce
  3. WooCommerce
  4. Zen Cart
  5. X-Cart
  6. Cube-Cart
  7. VirtueMart
  8. UberCart Drupal
Unlimited color options

You can virtually change the visual presentation of nearly every element in this Magneto theme.

No need for coding, if the element can be edited through the admin panel directly. From the selection of colors of every element, application of different textures to headers, footers, and the entire page till uploading a background image and adjusting it to your every requirement, everything is possible. You can also change the font and its eyes and many others aspects as well.

Responsive product page

Liquid Page Layout

Page layouts optimized for different types of screen resolution across devices. In case you want to resize the browser’s window, all the elements in the theme too will be transformed accordingly, adapting to the very dimension of the browser’s window automatically and smoothly. The theme uses the screen real estate efficiently utilizing hundred percent of it while displaying the content. You also have to control not to allow the screen to be fluid. In this case, the page width will transform at break points but won’t take the entire screen.

Customizable product page

Clean and intuitive product page- so that your viewers can easily navigate to find the information they need.

Adjust the product page as per to your liking. You can configure the width of the main column, customize the size of the product image with the ability to cloud zoom and light box, with the prominent brand logo you can add additional custom tabs, CMS blocks, customize the product option, apply slider for absolute apply slider for related products and what not. What should you customize every bit of your page?

Additional grid options

Alternate image on mouseover
Product grid view

The product grid display can be customized in the grid category. Set from any of these options.

1) Hide, 2) show only on mouse movement, 3) show- for these applicable elements: “Add to wishlist,” “Add to cart,” “Add to compare” links and rating button.

Mouse hover product details

Show/Hide/Show on mouse hover

The below-stated elements have the ability to display upon a mouse hover and else removed completely:

  1. “Add to compare” and “Add to Wishlist” links
  2. Price
  3. “Add to cart” button
  4. Product name
  5. Ratings (stars) and review (In number).
Customizable product catalog

Home page sections

Custom content areas:

  1. The slideshow that is customizable
  2. Banners for slideshow- Additionally
  3. Above the columns block for custom content – “Preface.”
  4. Three custom blocks in the left column
  5. Principal content area for custom content like a banner, product slider, etc.
  6. Three custom CMS block in the right column.
  7. A block for below the column custom content – “Postscript.”
Dynamic page layout

You can choose the layout of the homepage between one, two, and three columns. Custom content could be displayed in multiple sidebar blocks. A Magento default sidebar could be enabled and disabled.

Fluid grid system

Because the theme is based on the fluid grid system, it could be displayed virtually on any screen. It uses the entire available screen space to display the content. Also, using the grid system you can build your custom content.

Multiple home page
E-commerce development company
Customizable background ecommerce
fluid grid

Set the custom number of columns (products in a row): 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 for default screen resolution.

The column number will automatically adapt itself to the resolution of the screen that changes from device to device and browsers to browsers. Exemplifying- one device with broader screens, products displayed per column would be increased.

Customize product grid
Mobile mega menu

You can choose between two types of drop down menu: Wide or Classic. In the menu that is wide, links can be displayed in 4-8 columns. You can also custom define the contents in a drop-down block. Colors too are customizable.

Dropdown mega menu

The white screen is supported by this. The maximum width of the page (from 1024 to 1680) could be selected in the admin panel. You can also design your specific non- standard custom width.

Our professional team of eCommerce developers & designers deliver online business site with unique functionality

A well-built eCommerce website helps you to market your products online. Here is a powerful platform for you to sell your products online and keep your competitors behind. Purpleno have proved us as one of the best eCommerce Development Company in Kolkata, providing effective and premium eCommerce website, for all sorts of enterprises. Our highly experienced developing team provides you with customized eCommerce websites. We are serving and served many national and global clients with our excellent eCommerce development team.
As a leading eCommerce development firm, we provide the customer with 100% secured, user-friendly and catchy online eCommerce store. The projects that we develop grant you to access your eCommerce store from mobile to tab, laptop, and a desktop. Our eCommerce development team evaluates your business objective and provides you with 100% unique solutions to give you an exotic eCommerce website requirement.

We focus on the maintenance of eCommerce store that we develop for you. Our eCommerce development company in Kolkata is one of the pioneered web development company, to sell your product effectively which brings success to your online sales. We create and implement an excellent eCommerce solution that is combined with your business website without any fault.

We are successful in this field because of our timely delivery & cost-efficient solutions with a premium quality eCommerce development. Our eCommerce development company in Kolkata gives you an eCommerce site that is integrated with lots of attractive features, including shipping services, taxation programs, and let your online business more comfortable and reliable.

All your eCommerce related Question and answered

1. What is an e-commerce website?

An E-commerce website is a website is where you could sell or can purchase any kind of product. When you hire us, our expert team will assist you with your specific requirements.

2. How to make an e-commerce website?

To make an e-commerce website, you should call or email us. We will help you for developing a website by implementing payment gateways, installing advanced e-commerce plugins, and listing your products on the site. From us, you can get the effective website that grows your business efficiently.

3. How does e-commerce help businesses?

An ecommerce website will help you sell your products globally. Now, more buyers could reach you and thus, grow your business faster. By building an ecommerce site for you we, allow you to make profits from your Business by turning your visitors into customers.

4. How much does an e-commerce website cost?

The cost of an eCommerce website depends upon multiple factors, and those are designing of a site, implementation of advanced software and tools, the functionality of a site, integration, etc. If you want a website at an affordable rate, call or email your requirements.

5. Why is e-commerce important?

An eCommerce website is important because it grows your business, increases product reachability. We develop eCommerce websites that make your business more convenient.

6. What is the cheapest e-commerce website?

If you have a lower budget and want to make an e-commerce website, then you should come to us. We will help you to develop a website for different platform that are convenient and also affordable.

7. How to manage or update an e-commerce website?

To manage your website regular basis, 1st you must have time and know-how to manage your website or you can contact us to get a dedicated expert for regular maintenance at reasonable charges.