Website Maintenance Services Kolkata

Purpleno regularly updates your site with fresh content so that customers keep returning to your site. We’ll add new content and archive obsolete content so that your site is able to increase its search engine rank. Through regular maintenance of your site, you’ll be able to hold on to your old customers, new clients, have augmented customer activity thereby leading to better Search Engine Ranking. We’ll help you out by  adding new products and removing old products that’ll ultimately keep your web-oriented business stay ahead of the competition. In order that you’re in a position to hold on to the competitiveness of your online trade, we’ll add discount schemes, promotional programs, and much more.

You get to know about the effectiveness of your site through the feedbacks and testimonials you receive from clients who visit your site. We’ll assist you out with replying to questions, addressing complaints, and reacting to comments generated by site users that’ll improve the performance of your site on an overall basis.

Website maintenance services include:
  • Updating photos, images, graphics, charts, and tables
  • Making improvements in the texts of blogs by changing the content at regular intervals
  • Product updates, especially for eCommerce sites
  • Periodically making modifications and alterations in products
  • Updating events calendar
  • Keeping the site updated through facelifts
  • Going for a regular makeover on the home page so that users keep revisiting the site
  • HTML Coding and Updating Texts
  • Digital Graphic Designing (JPEG, PNG, and GIF)
  • Script Optimization/PHP Programming
  • Animation.
  • MySQL Database Creation
  • Perpetual Website Maintenance and Reviews

Website Maintenance Services kolkata Accorded by Purpleno

Purpleno is an established Website Maintenance Company in Kolkata that deploys advanced Website Maintenance Solutions, including but not limited to thorough website redesign, upgrading products, particularly for e-commerce sites, and regular updating of content in tandem with SEO guidelines. Our Website maintenance services also include routinely adding graphics, charts, videos, images, latest events and news to your portal to keep it in tune with the times.

You might have a very appealing and user-friendly e-commerce site but you periodically need to upgrade and maintain your portal so that you hold on to your existing customer base as well as net new clients. In other words, you’ve to take the right steps for maintaining your portal. Purpleno is a Frontline Website maintenance company in Kolkata that extends all-embracing Website maintenance services.

Furnishing Website maintenance services can be challenging as it calls for meticulous scheduling, customization and execution. Hence, very few website maintenance companies in Kolkata are in a position to provide stellar maintenance services. We at Purpleno have the experience and know how to furnish your website with round-the-clock maintenance and support services throughout the year.

Purpleno is a well-entrenched website maintenance company in Kolkata employing highly skilled and professional website programmers and developers that are well-equipped to offer top-of-the-line website maintenance services. We also charge much lower rates than our competitors as we’ve been able to achieve economy of scale with respect to web maintenance.

Why Choose Purpleno for website maintenance services?

  • Have access to a specialist web maintenance company doing away with the need to rehearse your staff for the same.
  • Quick turnaround as most requests are processed within a 24-hour period.
  • Cost-Efficient.
  • Thorough website backup.